• ZONE® DERMASURE® Specialist Skincare Products. Acne. Serum.

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"I’ve had acne problems all my life. Finally, found the solution."

- Kelly James | Apr 2022

"Kind of hesitant at first, but don’t be. The products are amazing!"

- Janine Brink | Jun 2022

"It's weird looking at my face in the mirror & seeing no acne :)"

- Odile Badenhorst | May 2022

Dermatologist was amazed. Said: "What products am I using!"

- Samantha Williams | Aug 2022

"I've been blown away. Didn’t expect this kind of result."

- Yolandi van der Berg | Jul 2022

"Website, super easy. The delivery is fast and amazing products "

- Tamsyn McGregor | Jun 2022

"Dermasure products sorted out my Acne problem, I can't without"

- Tahira Walters | May 2022

"Night cream is so smooth. I can't wait to put it on in the evenings"

- Andrea Coetzee | Jul 2022

"I can't say enough of the Dermasure range, you'll not be sorry."

- Santie van Oordt | May 2022

"I dont go without my hydration cream in my handbag. It's great!"

- Carmen Visser | Aug 2022

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“Love the neutral scent, skin feels soft. Leaves no residue."

– Doreen Pears | Apr 2022

"I have sensitive skin. Skin feels revitalized at affordable price!"

– Charlie van Rensberg | Jul 2022

"Dermasure honestly sorted out my acne within days."

– Zandile Mnguni | Aug 2022

"Dermatologist recommended Dermasure. I use it religiously."

– Zanele Ngwenya | Jun 2022

My Dermatologist said: "Wow, your skin is looking great!

– Samantha Smith | May 2022
ZONE® DERMASURE® Specialist Skincare Products. Acne. Serum.

ZONE® Benefits

Suitable for women and men on all skin types. For sensitive, dry to oily and fair to dark skin tone. Recommended by leading Dermatologists.


1. PREVENTION is Better than a Cure. Active anti-ageing treatment. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) repair ageing skin.

Dermatologically APPROVED

2. SLOW DOWN of Ageing Skin. Continuous advisory and formulations by leading Dermatologists.

Great Value For MONEY

3. AFFORDABLE South African Prices. Maintain skincare confidently over the long-term. Not a cosmetic trend.

ZONE® Co-Enzyme Q10. Dermatologist Recommended Skincare Products.

CoQ10 | Anti-Ageing Skincare Technology

The body contains natural levels of Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Between the ages of 20 & 40, one's natural levels of CoQ10 diminish by as much as 25%. While it is essential to neutralize EXTERNAL oxidative stress at an early age, it also becomes necessary to replenish ones CoQ10 after age 40. CoQ10 is an ACTIVE ingredient and has a protective role, targeting the mitochondria in the skin cells. The POWERHOUSE of the cell is where it really happens. Enables better QUALITY skin cells to reach the surface FASTER. Rejuvenation of sun-damage, wrinkles & premature ageing.

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"Wow! Love Dermasure. My skin was always so dry. No longer!"

- Bettie Rose | Aug 2022

"I love the smell... I love the way it feels when I put Zone on my face."

- Monique Matthews | May 2022

"Zone cream leaves my face supple & radiant. Highly recommend!"

- Candice du Toit | Apr 2022

"My skin therapist recommended Dermasure & it's been a life changer"

- Simonne Franken | Jul 2022

"User friendly website, fast delivery, quality products & affordable"

- Thomas Foster | Jun 2022