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"Night cream is so smooth. I can't wait to put it on in the evenings"

- Andrea Coetzee | Oct 2023

"Website is friendly to use. Fast delivery & great products!"

- Tamsyn McGregor | Jan 2024

"I can't say enough of Dermasure and you will not be sorry."

- Santie van Oordt | Dec 2023

"Dermasure products sorted my Acne problem, I can't without!"

- Tahira Walters | Feb 2024

"I dont go without my hydration cream in my handbag. It's great!"

- Carmen Visser | Nov 2023

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"Dermatologist recommended Dermasure. I use it religiously."

– Zanele Ngwenya | Feb 2024

"Dermasure honestly sorted out my acne within literally days."

– Zandile Mnguni | Nov 2023

"I have sensitive skin. Skin feels revitalized at affordable price!"

– Charlie van Rensberg | Oct 2023

“Love the neutral scent, skin feels soft. Leaves no residue."

– Doreen Pears | Dec 2023

My Dermatologist said: "Wowie, your skin is looking so great!

– Samantha Smith | Jan 2024

ZONE® Benefits

Suitable for women and men on all skin types
For sensitive, dry to oily and fair to dark skin tone
by leading Dermatologists

1. Great Value For MONEY

AFFORDABLE = South African Prices
Maintain skincare long-term

2. Anti-Ageing TECHNOLOGY

PREVENTION = Anti-Ageing Treatment
Co-Q10 repairs ageing wrinkle skin

3. Dermatologically APPROVED

SLOW DOWN = Ageing Skin
By leading Dermatologists

Skincare Products Contains Co-Q10

About Co-Q10

The body contains natural levels of Co-Q10 which starts declining at the age of 20 and could be reduced by as much as 25 % by the age of 40.

It's essential to start adding Co-Q10 early, rather than later, before long-term damage occurs. To help fight the biochemical & environmental triggers known to accelerate skin ageing.

Co-Q10 releases powerful enzymes, helps fortify the skin with anti-pollution fighting antioxidants ahead of next-day exposure.

Benefits → Co-Q10

"My skin therapist recommended Dermasure. Been a life changer!"

- Simonne Franken | Oct 2023

"Creams leaves my face supple & radiant. Highly recommend!"

- Candice du Toit | Dec 2023

"Wow! Love Dermasure. My skin was always so dry. No longer!"

- Bettie Rose | Nov 2023

"I love the smell... the way it feels when I put Zone on my face."

- Monique Matthews | Jan 2024

"User friendly site, fast delivery, afforable quality products!"

- Thomas Foster | Feb 2024

Why Us


As skin care experts we know it's physiologically possible for you to achieve healthy skin without the painful price tag. A team of Dermatologists that helped formulate the products.
We offer uncomplicated regimens.

Products contain high percentages of the correct active ingredients to medically improve skin health.
This differentiates us from other products that only include trace amounts of these ingredients, if at all.

Up to 40% OFF → PLUS A Free Product

Our Promise

"We value our customers, product quality & fast shipping!"
Our thoughtfully formulate affordable, proudly South African skincare products. We believe everyone should zone in & deserves skincare that makes you feel good in your own skin.

- Smiley, Founder -

ZONE® DERMASURE® #betterskin
THANK YOU to our loyal customers

From → Founder
Skincare Products By Dermatologist

Dermatologist was amazed. Said: "What products am I using!"

- Samantha Williams | Jan 2024

"It is weird looking at my face in the mirror & seeing no acne :)"

- Odile Badenhorst | Feb 2024

"I’ve had acne problems all my life. Finally, found the solution."

- Kelly James | Dec 2023

"Kind of hesitant at first, but don’t. Products are amazing!"

- Janine Brink | Nov 2023

"I have been blown away! Didn’t expect this kind of result."

- Yolandi van der Berg | Oct 2023