1. Looking for a solution for your dry skin?
The skin feels tight and uncomfortable and may appear rough and dull. This could be any person with constitutionally dry skin and pre-existing skin conditions or first signs of aging. Frequent exposure to extreme weather conditions can also contribute to dryness.

Dry Skin

How to solve for Dry Skin

2. What is the main cause of dry skin?
Lack of moisture in the skin, caused by environmental factors like dry air and low humidity, hot showers, and harsh chemicals in soaps and other skincare products, are the main causes of dry skin.

Dry skin tends to lack lipids and struggles to retain water leading to impaired barrier function. Dry skin is commonly categorized as dry (tight & rough), very dry (scaly & flaky), and extremely dry (cracks & calluses).

Suitable for Adults and Teenagers.

This Pack helps to relieve Dry Skin (Eczema) symptoms.

Dermatologically Approved 
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DERMASURE® Eczema Dry Skin Relief Pack.
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DRY Skin
Repair Pack

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DERMASURE® Eczema Starter Pack
Pharmaceutical Skincare

DRY Skin
Starter Pack