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History of Zone and Dermasure

The story of where it all began.

I first entered the Pharmaceutical Industry in 1980 and spent the next 10 years gaining experience and establishing myself in the Corporate World of this very dynamic industry.
In 1990 the industry went through a phase of massive change and uncertainty, much of which I disagreed with, and subsequently decided to fly solo. While laying the foundation and establishing my own company, I also did extensive research during the next 5 years.  
My research resulted in the establishment of DERMASURE® in 1995.  The aim from the outset was to build a skincare company along specific ethical guidelines, while guarding against being influenced by cosmetic “fashion trends”.
By using a team of well-known and respected Dermatologists to assist with the formulations and trials, a range of purpose-specific skincare products were developed. Using a manufacturing company which was both registered and compliant to the Medical Control Council Standards was of utmost importance. 

The basic guidelines were to produce a range of South African products, for South African skin conditions, at South African prices.
The base market would be medically and scientifically driven, thus using pharmaceutical wholesalers and retail pharmacies as a distribution chain.
DERMASURE® became an amazing success story which stretched from 1995 until 2020 when the entire world was suddenly hit by a new phenomenon called Covid-19, a pandemic which would change the world, our lives, but especially many areas of our economic structures.
Marketing strategies which were used for decades, suddenly became obsolete. People were no longer shopping in the traditional way, by visiting malls and retail outlets, in fear of being exposed to this potentially deadly virus.
In English literature we were all taught the classic phrase: “Adapt or die”. It was time to break-away from the old, and venture into the new world of On-Line Shopping – a hugely intimidating thought at the time.
Key factors would be marketing, distribution, but especially to find tried-and-trusted payment methods. I was not looking for service providers as they are plentiful. I wanted people who could assist in adding value to my business, while providing the best service possible.

A BIG thank you once again, to every single DERMASURE® and ZONE® client, for your ongoing and loyal support and making it all possible.

Happy Skin Care!

Kind Regards

Smiley van Zyl

Skincare with Confidence #betterskin


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