Rosacea Skin Type

The skin is not a part of our anatomy where instant and exact solutions apply. Due to its sensitivity, which varies from person to person, trial-and-error is often our only option.

The following should therefore be seen as a guideline, and not as an absolute treatment solution. 

Rosacea Skin Type

Rosacea normally appears in four different ways:
1. Erythematotelangiectatic
(Facial redness and flushing)
2. Papulopustular
(Acne-like breakouts)
3. Phymatous
(Skin thickening)
4. Ocular
(Burn & itching of the eye area)

Rosacea could generally be caused by one or several of the following reasons:
1. Genetic links
2. Diet – certain food types can
3. Alcohol – can contribute
4. Direct sunlight 

There is no real cure for Rosacea, but you can control it, by finding out for yourself what should be avoided most when it comes to which products you can use, and which product types should be avoided.
One basic fact remains:
Skin needs to be cleaned and moisturized daily – no matter what.
Circumstantially your skin would be classified as “very sensitive”. Dermatologists would often advise the following:

1. Use a gentle skin cleanser
2. Moisturize your skin with a non-comedogenic moisturizer (a cream that will be totally absorbed, and not block the skin pores).

In the Dermasure Skin Care Range, two of our products definitely fit this description, formulated to use for sensitive skin types for many years: 

1. Hydration Moisturising Cream | 75ml
(Non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, & fragrance-free)

Hydration Moisturiser Cream

2. Dermaclens Skin Cleanser | 150ml
(A mild skin cleanser for normal, oily to sensitive skin. Fragrance-free)

Dermaclens Skin Cleanser

One’s skin condition, trial-and-error will often apply – until you find that magical mid-way.

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