Problem Skin, but not Acne.

I do not have Acne, but I have a problem skin.

Problem Skin  










What can I use?

A “problem skin” is often also seen as a “sensitive skin”. Skin problems are often caused by blocked skin pores. Cleaning and moisturizing the skin daily is therefore essential.

1. Dermaclens Skin Cleanser | 150ml

Dermaclens Skin Cleanser

Dermaclens is a gentle skin cleanser for dry, normal and combination skin-types. It is both fragrance-free and pH balanced making it well suited for long-term use.

2. Hydration Moisturising Cream | 75ml

HYDRATION Moisturiser Cream

The importance of moisturizing is to replenish and moisturise the skin, without (re)blocking the skin pores. Hydration Moisturising Cream is formulated to be completely absorbed upon application, leaving the skin silky smooth and without any greasiness.

Both these products are ideal for long-term usage.


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