Why use daily Day Cream?

How to Use Day Cream Day creams is not just a luxury for the skin. Today is full of harsh treatment wherever you go. The polluted air to water, harmful gases from vehicles to unhealthy eating habits which make it a worse for the skin giving rise to new ailments.   Protect your skin from such a treatment by investing in a good day cream. Learn how to use day cream as using it correctly will benefit you better. 

From being a light moisturiser to makeup base, day creams have conquered it all. These creams are specially formulated to give the skin a complete package of protection to looking and feeling good. They are light and are very effective to make your skin more beautiful and supple. Treating with a good day cream is the best gift you can give to your skin. Did you know even applying a cream is an art? Yes, it is true! Day creams are a delicacy for your skin and applying it correctly is the true essence of grabbing which will be discussed on how to use day cream for a healthy and supple skin.

What is the Day Creams & how is it useful for Skin?

As the name suggests, day creams are applied during the day before stepping out in the sun or for work. A major skin routine of girls especially the ladies is applying makeup which makes the skin dry, dull and flaky which is one of the reasons why ageing is regarded with dryness. The regular application of makeup makes the skin lose its moisture retain power due to the chemicals. This was felt and was soon introduced as a cream ideal as a moisturiser and a makeup base.

Day cream plays dual product with dynamic benefits which make it a must thing to have in your collection of skin care products. These products have a good amount of sun protection and anti-aging formula to give the youthful and healthy skin for you to adore.

What are The Benefits? How Is Day Creams Useful?

A good skin regime in the morning is always followed by a good day cream before you start with your beauty makeup. It will help you retain the natural moisture in the skin. Day creams being specially formulated for the day use and on daily basis; they are good for your skin and would not interfere the skin regime. These creams are available for all skin tones to types without the fear of being too oily or too dry or even sensitive. Just know how to choose and how to use day cream for a healthy skin. 

  • They are light on the skin which makes them non-greasy to apply.
  • They are easy on absorption which easily gets penetrated into the skin sebum.
  • Day creams being light, they do not clog pores and lets the skin breathing all day.
  • They contain a minimum amount of SPF which ranges from minimum 15 and can have a broad spectrum of sun protection which is lighter on the skin.
  • These keep the skin moisturised all day.
  • It contain a good amount of anti-aging compounds.
  • It protects the skin from free radicals.

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