Glowing skin, yes?

Want to know how to glow this Valentine's Day?

A healthy skin is clear, unblemished and well-hydrated. Keeping it this way is the holy grail for skincare experts. Sun damage (which causes up to 85% of the visible signs of ageing), poor diet, stress, smoking, exposure to pollutants and simply getting older can all contribute to a slower regeneration of skin cells. 

So, which five positive steps can you take to look after your skin and ensure it is radiant and glowing?

1. Drink more water. At least 6-8 glasses of pure water will help to re-hydrate your skin.

2.  Apply moisturiser to moist skin for better penetration and hydration.

3. The most effective anti-ageing creams are those high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fats.

4. This might be news, but sugar ages the skin almost as much as sunbathing or smoking. Remember this before you order that pudding!

5. Sleep is obviously as important for your skin as your mood. Try to eat light evening meals, switch off from electrics, have a warm bath (our Hydration Aqua is a winner) and try to make the bed a routine.