The Top 7 Skin Tips.

Top 7 Skincare Tips.

1. Cleanse, always

Yep, we know cleansing our skin twice a day is one of the best skincare tips, but what about make-up brushes? We like to set aside time each week to give them a thorough clean. Swirl them in some hot, soapy water, rinse and then leave them to dry. This means skin (and your brushes) will look and feel their best. Why? Oil, make-up remains and dead skin cells can cling to each bristle – day after day - and transfer to your skin causing potential irritation. Not much time? A facial cleansing wipe works wonders to refresh brushes, too.

2. Less is more

Good skincare has been specially formulated so that the amount you apply is enough to do the job. If the pack says slather on a pea sized amount – stick to it! No point in lots of lovely night cream ending up on your pillowcase. Accidentally scooped out too much cream? One of our best skincare tips is to use the excess on backs of hands, necks and collarbones.  

3. Read the label

When you know your Agave from your Bisabolol, it’s easy to pick out the good stuff on pack – and what works best for your sensitive skin. One of our best skincare tips is to study up on ingredients (link to ingredient’s homepage) and better yet, stick to brands that create products specifically for sensitive skin. The result? Your skin stays feeling soothed and caaaalm, plus you can feel confident you know exactly what’s going onto your skin. 

4. No pain, all the gain

We say, there’s no point in suffering through discomfort in order to see a difference in your skin. Exfoliator leave your skin feeling rubbed raw? Stop using it. Does your cleanser get that oil on your T-zone but leaves skin feeling parched and tight? Ditch it. Yep, a skincare routine should be blissful, not a pain so if anything leaves your skin feeling less than peachy, our skincare tip is to toss it. And when you do go shopping in the skincare aisle, look for skin-loving ingredients and for products that are free from harsh chemicals.

5. Turn your skincare products into multitasking marvels

Our skincare products can do a really good job of keeping our skin cleansed, refreshed, looking healthy and feeling fab. But, they can also work to do more on our skin. What, you ask? Well, things like using a cleansing facial wipe to fix wobbly make-up when applying your fave red lip is a winner; an earbud dipped in eye make-up remover works wonders to clean up a squiggly eyeliner; and, cooling down your toner in the fridge before using is a quick way to wake up tired skin in a flash.

Little skincare tips like these can take your products from being good to serious multitasking marvels, in seconds. 

6. Keep your phone clean and skin clear 

Yep, our phones are always on hand. But, they’re loaded with dirt, sweat and bacteria. So, if you constantly take calls, text and scroll through Insta on the regular (who doesn’t?), you may find that your jaw and cheeks can break out from touching your phone and face. Opt for earphones (so you can keep chatting), wash your hands regularly, and cleanse your skin as soon as you get home to banish those breakouts.

7. Prep your skin before make-up 

Prepping your skin before you even start that smoky eye is the way to go, we say. First up, a moisturiser will mean skin appears plump and healthy-looking from the get-go, and it’ll be a smooth canvas for your make-up. Dry or dehydrated spots? Skin will sap up your foundation and likely look a little patchy (or disappear!). Pop a hydrating cream in your bag if you need an on-the-go moisture boost – it’ll quench thirsty skin!


From cleaning make-up brushes on the regular, to not being too hard on our skin, why not take note of some of these top skincare tips? Your skin will love you for it.