ECZEMA Relief Pack

Eczema is dealing with extreme and recurring dry skin. While it is extremely difficult to treat, Eczema symptoms can be made more bearable

The pack contains 6 items in total to help relief ECZEMA symptoms.

1. HYDRATION Aqua Bath Oil x 2
2. HYDRA-LAC Body Lotion x 2 
3. HYDRATION Moisturising Cream x 2

THREE steps to relieving ECZEMA symptoms:

Step 1: HYDRATION Aqua Bath Oil

It provides skin nourishment while protecting excessive moisture loss. It may be used as a bath oil or applied after a shower onto wet skin. Touch dry.

Step 2: HYDRA-LAC Body Lotion  

Hydra-Lac contains Sodium Lactate which retains natural skin moisture and softens the skin. Ideal relief for rough and scaly skin areas.

Step 3: HYDRATION Moisturising Cream

The Hydration Cream could be applied to the extreme and problematic areas of the body. It is hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free and contains Evening Primrose Oil and vitamin E.

Hydration Moisturising Cream will hydrate the skin, without blocking the pores.


Product Description:

HYDRATION AQUA Bath Oil. 250ml

Hydration Aqua Bath Oil is fragrance-free bath oil, formulated to nourish dry skins while providing the protection against excessive moisture loss. Effective for the treatment of dry, rough and itchy skin conditions. 

HYDRA-LAC Body Lotion. 150ml

Hydra-Lac is an effective relief for dryrough and scaly skin types, especially Keratosis Pilaris. It contains sodium lactate which retains natural skin moisture and softens the skin. Also suited for elbows, knees, feet and hands.

HYDRATION Moisturising Cream. 75ml

Hydration Moisturising Cream is a rich moisturiser, which is completely absorbed and well suited for dry and sensitive skin types. It is hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free and contains Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamin E.