Day and/or Night Cream

A person at 20 is given a clean slate by nature, and how it will cared for at 50 depends on you. Comprehensive care and thorough regimes will help preserve the health and beauty of the skin, prevent the appearance of age-related changes and skin imperfections. One of the basic tools needed for nutrition and hydration are day and night creams. But some are content with only one. What is the difference between a night cream and a day cream?

Comprehensive care – what your skin needs

Day cream will be the “best friend” for the skin after waking up. During this period, skin takes on such “strokes” as UV rays, the effect of free radicals, lack of moisture, stress, temperature fluctuations, and makeup. But in the evening, a daytime remedy shifts.

After washing, the time comes for relaxation and renewal. It is at night that regeneration processes take place. During this period, the dermis needs maximum support, it needs nutrition and good rest. The main difference between a night cream and a day cream is its purpose.

The main functions of the product for evening care:

  • Cell nutrition
  • Improvement of blood microcirculation
  • Help and acceleration of regeneration processes
  • Hydration
  • Fight against signs of aging and activation of collagen synthesis

Night cream helps the dermis recover. Thanks to the rich formula of the product, which consists of oils, extracts, vitamins and other useful trace elements, deep nutrition is carried out. Only a complex effect allows the skin to wake up in the morning with renewed and charged energy.

Key differences between day and night cream

The two products face different challenges. This does not allow to determine which cream is more important: day or night. Both remedies are ideal in the daily program.

  • Day cream is aimed at protecting the skin from the negative effects of external factors.
  • Night cream is for nutrition and recovery. It is able to neutralize the negative effects of free radicals, remove toxins. 

Day cream contains plant extracts, UV filters, oils such as vitamins B, C and E. The formula of the night is enriched with biostimulants such as retinol. Oils are often present in these products. Essential components not only nourish the skin, but also help to relax and fall asleep faster.

During the day, the dermis loses a lot of moisture. The upper layers of the dermis are particularly susceptible to these changes. Lower, on the contrary, are oversaturated with moisture. Special care and use of the night product prevents puffiness, wrinkles and other aesthetic defects.

Age criteria

Most products are labeled with the age for which they are intended. But this indicator only speaks about the actual condition of the skin. At 45, the dermis may look 30, or vice versa. When choosing a night or day cream, focus on the individual needs of the skin.

Means marked “25+” are aimed at nutrition and hydration of the dermis. They saturate it with useful trace elements, activate collagen synthesis, prevent moisture loss, which prevents the appearance of age-related changes.

35+ creams have more rich formulas. They contribute to the preservation of elasticity and firmness, tighten the oval of the face, struggle with minor age-related changes.

Means “45+” help the dermis adapt to hormonal disorders, they activate cell metabolism. Many products in these lines have a pronounced lifting effect, they help smooth wrinkles, and resist other aesthetic problems.

To preserve the health and texture of the skin, it is necessary to use products with different active components. Morning and evening rituals should be systematic and mandatory, but try to enjoy the process.

Apply day cream after morning procedures. Allow skin to soak. If you can fit this into your schedule, do not apply makeup or go outside for 30–40 minutes. The night regime is recommended to be used several hours before bedtime. In this case, the skin will have time to relax, and the cells will “breathe”.

With such morning and evening rituals, the skin will always be in perfect condition. Health and beauty are in your hands.

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