Benefits Of A Chemical Peel

Benefits Of A Chemical Peel

Each chemical peel is customized for you to address your individual skin care concerns. Chemical peels use a different combination of acids to safely and deeply exfoliate dead skin to reveal a new, brighter layer. Benefits of a chemical peel include:

  • Chemical peels require little to no downtime
  • They are minimally invasive
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Reduces and eliminates signs of skin damage such as acne scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, and more!
  • Types of Chemical Peels


As the name suggests, light chemical peels are the gentlest option. Light peels are done more frequently than medium and deep peels and generally address skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and acne. One of the greatest benefits of this type of peel is that it requires no downtime and provides amazing anti-aging benefits. 


Medium peels go deeper into the skin's surface to address concerns such as wrinkles and more problematic cases of acne. These chemical peels work to stimulate collagen production and improve elasticity in the skin. Medium peels can only be done once every few months and require a few days of downtime after the treatment.


Deep chemical peels are the most intense option and can do wonders for your skin addressing deep acne scarring concerns and wrinkles. Compared to light and medium treatment, deep chemical peels offer the most dramatic results but can only be performed a maximum of once per year. There is considerably more downtime associated with this type of treatment and patients can expect redness and skin peeling for up to a week after the chemical peel.

How Often Should You Get A Chemical Peel?

Every person has different skin and skin concerns, therefore the number of treatments required for each person will vary. It will also depend on what sort of peel you would like to get or what is recommended to you as well as your age and the existing damage you have on your skin. Individuals who need or just want a light chemical peel treatment can receive one every month or every other month. For medium peels, it is recommended that patients receive them once every four to six months. Those who wish to get a deep chemical peel will only be required to receive the treatment once every few years.

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